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9 May 2013

PDC for teachers

Course Era; well know for offering FREE online courses from top university professionals.
It announced to launch courses in teacher professional development category.

The blog post of 'Course Era' indicates, seven leading schools of education have joined this initiative, including
The College of Education, University of Washington;
Curry School of Education, University of Virginia;
Johns Hopkins University School of Education;
Match Education’s Sposato Graduate School of Education;
Peabody College of Education and Human Development,
Vanderbilt University; Relay Graduate School of Education;
University of California, Irvine Extension.

Get benefited as they have a good number of courses.

5 May 2013

My view

Present day education system and its reforms are not showing expected out comes.  
It is time for evolve and transform.
Presently teaching in school system is driven by 'fixed time syllabus coverage' based on text book chapters. 
Many models, teaching methods are introduced, but producing limited out comes. 
Teachers are over loaded and their  time is fixed to complete the prescribed syllabus and  to fill the forms and show the evidences to the  system organisers.
Due to heavy syllabus structures  teachers are moving from chapter to chapter in the text book, without proper time to maintain the standards of students due to fixed time setup. 
Classes are occupied by mixed ability and mixed standard children. 
Active learners are showing better out comes and slow learners and low standards are left behind.
Knowing well the particular students  are lagging behind of understanding, teacher are moving ahead as per the time frame and  learning is left as responsibility of children.
Almost 25 % of students are keeping the phase and understanding. Others are left with many learning gaps. 

Parents and schools are looking at marks lists/report cards.
With this "push" to higher grade, "pull"  to achieve present standard system, students are confused where to put efforts and left with many learning gaps specifically in school education sector.
Students are moving from grade to grade without conceptualising, but remembering.
Unfortunately, in terms of higher standards, schools are teaching many things even in lower grades, giving the responsibility to students to learn rote. 

It is creating a big setback in higher education sector. Only that 25 %, who are able to grasp the concepts, are representing their abilities and are employable, but others are becoming only certificate holders. 

In my opinion entire schools system up to grade 12 should evolve and transform. 

Made my efforts to present my opinion. Please let me know what you feel on this.
Correct me if i'm wrong.
why can't we - "The teacher" lay the foundation/roots for the flawless and standardized education system.?

Ramanatha Sastry.D.