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15 May 2013

Is it Essential?

Thank you all, for your responses.  (‘LinkedIN’  groups)

Teacher’s time is consumed on reporting and filling forms, spending lot of time turning pages of students note books to tick and sign, as all these are mandatory to show they are working. Yes, these automated routines consuming a lot of time and teachers are completely engaged in the school hours and they are also spending lot of family time too. 

Tight time schedules of teachers with in school hours, in my view, are structured thinking with a frame work of "input and output" model of efficiency, calculating how much of money is spent on them and how much time they are spending on schools activities.

The present school system is shaped, with a  frame work of 'how much students should learn and show efficiency' with in a given time. Yes, this worked very well, as it was that day requirement of society, those who are fit 'in' and those are not 'out'.

As on today, we are thinking to include every one, as education purposes are not to identify 'fit or not', but to 'empower' and enable  every one to live using maximum potential.

Basics of school system now has to change to 'how much students are learning and understanding', and with that to enable them to analyse what is what, so that they become real contributors to the society, which is the real output of teaching work.

Unfortunately somewhere this is overtaken, and all methods we are trying are only to fix and plaster the old system cracks.

Learning happens only when teachers and schools are designed to accept the responsibility, but not on showcasing evidences that teaching happened as per the mandatory requirements.

In my view 'fixed time and fixed syllabus' model requires a complete transformation. 

Your inputs please.