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13 Jun 2014

Bringing Magic into the Classroom: Tim Rylands at TEDx

Tim Rylands, an education explorer talks about how the word teacher is too one-sided. He focused on important of making the class room more vibrant place for children to take education to next level and help broaden the children's minds.
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19 May 2014

Re-engineering high school: India Gregory at TEDxCharlotteED

India Gregory is a senior honors student at the School of Math, Engineering, Technology, & Science at Olympic Community of Schools in Charlotte, NC. In her talk, she helps us connect the dots between project-based learning, student engagement, and academic success. 

2.STEM teachers sit down! Socrates is dead: Tom Dubick at TEDxCharlotteED
Tom Dubick teaches applied math and science to middle and high school students at Charlotte Latin School. He also sits on the LEGO Education Advisory Panel. In his talk, Tom describes about how effective STEM education programs are engaging, inquiry-based, and academically rigorous. He also points out the importance of the teacher serving as a facilitator instead of the "sage on the stage."

5 May 2014

This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education

This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education

Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead. Not only was he home schooled, but Logan had the ability to tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, something traditional education does not offer. As Logan has mentioned, when he grows up he wants to be happy and healthy. At a TEDx talk in 2013, he discussed how hacking his education is helping him achieve that goal.

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School & Experts Put Genius Boy In Special Ed. Now He’s Free & On Track For Nobel Prize

A young genius whose IQ is said said to be  higher than Albert Einstein, is on his way to possibly winning a Nobel Prize after dropping out of elementary school and his special ed programs. From a young age, Jacob Barnett was very interested in Math and Physics. Numbers were his passion and he was getting bored of early grades of elementary school as they did not come close to challenging him. Finally, his parents made the decision to take him out of public school and special ed programs regardless of the fact doctors had diagnosed him with ASD.
 “For a parent, it’s terrifying to fly against the advice of the professionals. But I knew in my heart that if Jake stayed in special ed, he would slip away.” Jacob’s mother.

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27 Apr 2014

38 Effective Strategies for Classroom Management

How to Motivate Your Students and Get Them to Listen to You 

(38 Effective Strategies for Classroom Management) -

This article gives 38 effective strategies for classroom management. These 

strategies may not be what you are used to and may require changes on your 

part. While there is no perfect method for eliminating all challenging 

behaviors, these are the strategies that I endorse and believe in as being the 

most effective for creating a positive classroom climate, based on my own 

experiences and research. Some of these strategies are more practical for 

elementary age classrooms, but many of these strategies can be used for all 

students from preschool to high school.

If you cannot get a student to follow rules, complete work, or be kind to 

other students after you have consistently implemented the strategies in this 

article, talk to your school team (administrators, guidance counselor, etc.) to 

determine what else can be done to help this student. The school team may 

need to meet with the child’s parents and additional strategies may need to 

be put in place like an individualized behavior plan and/or support from 

professionals like the guidance counselor, school psychologist, or principal.

see complete article: 

38 Effective Strategies For Classroom Management:

15 Apr 2014



Pupil playing sports
Gifted and talented learners need and enjoy variety and challenge. This requires that lessons be variously differentiated by:
  • outcome (learning objective)
  • task
  • process (the method of teaching)
  • pupil grouping
  • tailoring the content of the lesson for the individual (personalised learning agenda)
  • provision (access to specialists)
  • choice and self-direction
  • learning style.
These enrichment activities may be delivered by the school, by experts or be extra curricular. It is important however, to make them worthwhile and to include content and experiences that sufficiently stretch learners.
For complete article and other details visit the site Teacher tools

14 Apr 2014

find Squares & Cubes of Numbers between 1 to 100





16 Mar 2014

Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2

I completed part 1 of course and waiting for this part....Today i found it is starting shortly...
A course in Coursera and completely FREE>>>

About the Course

This course is part of the Foundations of Teaching for Learning program which is designed to assist people who are currently teaching but have had no formal teacher education improve their understanding of their role and work as a teacher.  This set of courses will enhance your knowledge and understanding about learning and teaching and what makes a teacher a professional.

Being a Teacher

Part 1 link is here:

14 Mar 2014

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10 Mar 2014

How to Build an Online Teaching Career

New to online teaching?
You're currently a faculty member or a enthusiast to spread knowledge.
You've heard a lot about online learning and are interested in developing your own online course. But you have no prior experience of online teaching and have little idea where to start.
If this is you - then there are courses! 
It will save you an enormous amount of time to have the right foundations.
Creating your own online course and getting started in teaching online is not as hard as you might think. 
Designed by a team of faculty members with over a decade of experience in online education, this course shares with you the essentials of what it takes to be an effective online educator.
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9 Mar 2014

Ten Tips for Engaging Underperforming Students

This article is from 'Edutopia'  It is a collection of ten 
best practices, non-negotiables, and 

teachers to implement them in every lesson, every day.

Watch the video and read the article
How to Engage Under performing Students 
and resources for implementing tips 
resources and downloads 

28 Feb 2014

Master Your Memory

Master Your Memory

This course is for YOU if:
    ·You want to effortlessly memorize and recall information.
    ·You want to cut down the time you study or prepare for something.
    ·You want to have your mind work for you instead of you for it.
    ·You want to be more organized.
    ·You want to improve your relationships in your life.
    ·You want to create success in school, career, or business.
The difference with this program:
The difference between this course and other memory courses out there is that most courses only focus on giving you memory techniques (which we DO give you in this courses). Knowing memory techniques is great, however they are of limited help if you don’t truly know how your brain works and, specifically, how take in information and recall it. By knowing how to master your memory you will be able to more easily apply these techniques and take control of your mind at a deeper level.
  • Lifetime access to 11 lectures
  • A community of 1100+ people trying to learn the same thing!
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Study Skills & Time Management for Students

Study Skills & Time Management for Students

Are you exhausted and can't make time to study? Do you feel trapped because you are always busy and you have no time for friends? Are you frustrated because no matter how hard you try your grades keep falling?
You are not alone.
Transform your student life from chaotic to extraordinary in less than 3 hours.
• Learn to get better grades and reduce stress
• Learn how to avoid procrastination by understanding your personality type
• Understand how your current activities affect your progress
• Learn how to set goals
• Learn how to create a schedule that works

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Mind Maps and Mind Mapping

Mind Maps and Mind Mapping

This is an exciting, over-the-shoulder training course that allows you to discover how to use mind maps and enjoy mind mapping. 
 This course will walk you through:
  • How to speed up all your learning (and teaching!) in 5 simple steps
  • How to radically increase memory when using simple mind maps
  • How to "kill" procrastination and never feel the urge to put off work... ever again 
  • Why great minds like Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein used mind maps
  • How completed mind maps are often more useful than "doing" mindmapping
  • How to learn and remember anything in five steps... learning, fast-and-furious!
  • How to ALWAYS be the one person in the room who thinks outside the box
  • Lifetime access to 27 lectures
  • 6+ hours of high quality content
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Start teaching with technology in a purposeful way and transform your lessons by this weekend. We’ll go beyond how to use technology in the classroom and create beautiful, engaging presentations that take your teaching to a whole new level.
This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of designing and creating engaging products for your classroom or e-course.
  • Lifetime access to 39 lectures and 6 quizzes
  • 8+ hours of high quality content
  • A community of 2500+ people trying to learn the same thing!
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22 Feb 2014

Allow them to reach their potential....

Jodi was lucky enough to get into one of the few schools available to help her reach her potential.

Katy Perry and Jodi DiPiazza sang "Firework" at the Beacon Theater in New York on Oct 13. 
"Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs" is hosted by Jon Stewart and raises money with NYCA (New York Collaborates for Autism) to support and create autism programs, schools, and services all over the country. Programs covering everything from the intensive education kids with autism need at a young age to social training for adults who want to contribute in the workplace. We've even created a "Teach the Teachers" program that helps train more teachers to work in the public school systems, for the many kids with autism who can't get into the few quality schools that can help them. 1 in 88 kids are now diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum. Many great organizations support research to unravel the mystery behind this condition. Night of Too Many Stars is working to help people who live with autism now.

18 Feb 2014

Paintings in 3D_ what technology can do?

Italian experimental artist and animator Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has brought paintings to life in animated GIFs. Using Adobe After Effects animation software, he takes paintings (largely from the Renaissance era) and modifies them slightly to make them appear as if they are moving.

10 Feb 2014

My video lesson_Science

I am planning to develop video lessons in science for school students.
I am keeping few samples lessons here. 
Please view them and send me your feedback, to make these lessons really useful for the learners.