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27 Apr 2014

38 Effective Strategies for Classroom Management

How to Motivate Your Students and Get Them to Listen to You 

(38 Effective Strategies for Classroom Management) -

This article gives 38 effective strategies for classroom management. These 

strategies may not be what you are used to and may require changes on your 

part. While there is no perfect method for eliminating all challenging 

behaviors, these are the strategies that I endorse and believe in as being the 

most effective for creating a positive classroom climate, based on my own 

experiences and research. Some of these strategies are more practical for 

elementary age classrooms, but many of these strategies can be used for all 

students from preschool to high school.

If you cannot get a student to follow rules, complete work, or be kind to 

other students after you have consistently implemented the strategies in this 

article, talk to your school team (administrators, guidance counselor, etc.) to 

determine what else can be done to help this student. The school team may 

need to meet with the child’s parents and additional strategies may need to 

be put in place like an individualized behavior plan and/or support from 

professionals like the guidance counselor, school psychologist, or principal.

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38 Effective Strategies For Classroom Management: