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9 Aug 2017

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24 Jun 2015

How to Create an Awesome Online Course:

Target audience?

  • Anyone that is passionate about teaching and would like to make some passive income form selling courses.

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If you have any skill and like to teach, trust me, someone is wanting to learn from you right now, and in many cases, even willing to pay for it.
Last year I made over $90,000 US selling one course alone. In this course you'll learn with all detail exactly how I made that happen so you can do the same.
I will teach you how to create your own online course, make it look awesome, promote it, sell it, and make money with it.
Sounds good? well here is exactly what we will cover:
  • Getting started: how to break down your course, all the tools you can use to create a course, and how to make it interesting so people actually listen!
  • Creating a great course: I'll teach you how to create a super cool presentation using Keynote
  • Recording your course: once you create your presentation you need to record it. I'll teach you how to use ScreenFlow for Mac to record your computer screen and yourself and how to edit it all together.
  • How to promote your course: once you have created your course it is time world know it exists! I'll teach you the most efficient ways to promote your course and find students.
  • Making money selling your course: how much to charge for your course? I'll teach you how to create a great sales page for your course, how to use PayPal to make money selling your course, finding affiliates, and much more!
Just like you I have invested zillions of dollars and many years educating myself, learning new skills. It's time to share that hard earned knowledge with the world and creating an online course is one of the best ways to do so, reach thousands of people and why not make some money on the side.
Are you ready? Let's do it!

What are the requirements?
Presentation software (Ideally Keynote)
Screen recording software (ideally ScreenFlow)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 0ver 76 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
  • Intro to opportunities to make money online teaching
  • Hardware/Software/Mental requirements
  • Putting the course together
  • Promoting your course
  • Making Money with your course

  • 13 Jun 2014

    Bringing Magic into the Classroom: Tim Rylands at TEDx

    Tim Rylands, an education explorer talks about how the word teacher is too one-sided. He focused on important of making the class room more vibrant place for children to take education to next level and help broaden the children's minds.
    watch complete video (from YouTube).

    19 May 2014

    Re-engineering high school: India Gregory at TEDxCharlotteED

    India Gregory is a senior honors student at the School of Math, Engineering, Technology, & Science at Olympic Community of Schools in Charlotte, NC. In her talk, she helps us connect the dots between project-based learning, student engagement, and academic success. 

    2.STEM teachers sit down! Socrates is dead: Tom Dubick at TEDxCharlotteED
    Tom Dubick teaches applied math and science to middle and high school students at Charlotte Latin School. He also sits on the LEGO Education Advisory Panel. In his talk, Tom describes about how effective STEM education programs are engaging, inquiry-based, and academically rigorous. He also points out the importance of the teacher serving as a facilitator instead of the "sage on the stage."