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15 Jun 2013

Teacher are life blood of success of the schools

what do you say??

Of course this following video is not a TED talk...i just posted it here...
How good this girl in academics? 
Please watch before 'Ken Robinson' TED talk.
Sir Ken Robinson in TED talk... 

“Teacher are life blood of success of the schools ...teaching is a creative profession. But not a delivery system”
“ human beings are naturally  different and diverse”
“If you get two children or more ...they are completely different from each other”
“If you can spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance, very often”
“Teacher are life blood of success of the schools ...teaching is a creative profession. But not a delivery system”
“ the end,  teaching is about learning, if there is no learning going on, there is not education going on”
is it not necessary to take actions right now?
Please tell....what to do and how to do.....
do not forget .. when we teachers are accountable.....
why to wait for directions from some where else?....

some more TED links....Talks for inspiring transformed-curriculum

Few online videos

Today students are internet enthusiastic.

Watching videos and playing games are part of their day to day activities.

Teachers can use many online resources to improve students understanding; even they can implement ‘flipped learning’ method too.

Online resources are very useful for slow learners to catch up and fill up learning gaps.

Of course, all students may not have access to internet.

However, these web sites are good sources, at least for teachers.

‘YouTube for Schools’ bring the power of video to your classrooms free of charge.
We can access thousands of free, high-quality educational videos on YouTube in a controlled 

This channel of your tube helps teachers to influence, engage and inspire students.

A large collection of documentaries, motivate students to recognise why they have to understand basic concepts clearly. 

In addition to wonderful videos we can find good number of other resources too.

5. TED Education:
Engaging videos on TDE-ED help teachers to engage students and to customise lessons.

 Distinguished personalities from different fields bring their visions and missions on ted talks. NO doubt these videos provoke students naturally embedded sprites to achieve....
watch this video from TED.....

 7. Neo-K12
This site contains educational videos complied from different website which are very popular.

Few more links sent by Mr.Utkarsh Lokesh Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Eduvative Technologies LLP/EdTechReview

8. 22 Best Online Resources for Free Educational Videos 

9. Must Read: Free Learning Websites for all 21st Century Learners

10. Flipped Classroom Report

May i request you to add few more sites so that i will add them to this 

14 Jun 2013

TED Education Wants Your Help Bringing Cool Science to the Classroom

TED education invites all educators to participate in developing educational videos.
As per the news report, any one who like to share can send lesson plans to TED-Ed.
The notification of TED-ED
"One of our goals is to make the TED-Ed video library as engaging, thorough, and robust as possible. From the broadest of categories to the most specific of minutiae, if there is any topic you would like TED-Ed to develop new videos and animation for, please let us know through our lesson suggestion form."
please read complete article using the link TED Education wants help.

Finland Education

Watch this video...In Finland there is NO central curriculum policy...Teachers are well trained on the working theories and implementationThey are empowered with knowledge and given the responsibility of educating the children.The results are reflecting.DONOT forget the students start schooling at the age of 7 yrs of age. 


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